“The city of fallen Angels”

“Do you see a bridge as an obstacle- as just another set of steps to climb to get from one side of a canal to the other? we Venetians do not see bridges as obstacles. to us, bridges are transitions. we go over them slowly. they are a part of the rhythm. they are links between two parts of a theater, like changes in scenery, or like the progression from Act One of a play to Act Two. Our role changes as we go over bridges, we cross from one reality… to  another reality. from one street….. to another street. from one setting… to another setting.”

Fellows, i wanted to share  this specific passage of the book for one reason only : Change your perspective.

Often, we come across a bridge -problem-, and we nag. “WHY ME?” “I CAN’T DO THIS”

But, just like we cross bridges, from point A to point B, we’re changing paths and directions. we’re in a new situation now. But, just think what would’ve happen if you haven’t crossed the bridge… you’d just stay in the same location. Forever.

So when you decide to get up and walk , cross that bridge, take a risk and go with the flow, this is where you EVOLVE my dear. So don’t look at your problems as obstacles. Obstacles that stop you from growing… Limits. NO. Your problems are your way of growing, evolving, crossing bridges.

Grow. Progress. Evolve. Change… LIVE….


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