Sometimes, you go through a phase where days pass, and you just don’t trust anyone.
You fall in love with your loneliness, and you feel like you need no one, you don’t need a person to complete you.
You’re satisfied.

This satisfaction transforms you into a moody person…
This significant feeling that was killed with a bullet of betrayal:

Love is our eternal lie. We continuously talk about it:

About the one person that loved you, adored you, was with you..

The truth is; he killed every sense of feeling you used to feel, and, killed himself.
“Hence, what is the profit of a dead-living person?” you say to yourself.

And that’s when at some point you find yourself face to face with a certain memory…

Feelings rushing back.. your heart comes back to life.
You feel happy again, you feel again… you breathe again.

Suddenly… you find yourself put in that same old phase.. Loneliness.

Back to your old satisfaction… “ I wanna live a love-free life…”


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