The Jar of Happiness

I want to be able to look back to all of my memories, sad or happy,exciting or useless, whatever.

I thought that there’s no better way other than to make my own “Jar of Happiness”. So i did so.

The process is quite simple and easy. All I have to do is write down my memory on a paper, fold it and throw it in the jar. So by the end of 2016, I can crack that jar open, and re-live my memories ! Sweet huh ?

These pics were taken when i first put a memory in my jar ! That, my friend, even is a great memory 🙂

Now why am i doing this?
Humans forget. They let go, and they forget. Even though they think that they’ll remember a specific moment for the rest of their lives… They’ll manage to forget about it…
And I, don’t want this to happen. I want my memories, that play a huge part in my “story”, remain.


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