Kind of supernatural


I’m different. I’m not sane. I change. I dream. I create. I Imagine. I love. I lose. I die. I win. I’m all of the above.

People say I’m crazy, and some say I’m true. Some say I’m delusional, and the others say I know and feel too much.
I doubt myself.
I feel like im one of these people..
The ones who know that they’ll leave some kind of a mark upon the world.
The ones who fear nothing but oblivion.
The ones who think too much about changing the world and think so little about tomorrow.
The ones who WANT  to do something..
The ones who, when surrounded by a whole crowd, think about tiny little details they’ve thought about in the past and get lost in their own ocean of thoughts, or when they look at someone, try to fit that person in their untrue, surreal, fiction story.
We do exist.
We are dreamers.
we are not crazy because we talk to ourselves, There’s a world we’ve created, a world you’d want to live in. Our own little world..
There’s a little dreamer in each one of us.. but, some ignore it, and some work on growing that little monster-angel inside of them.
We are the ones who want to talk about space, UFO, life, passion, butterflies, dreams, past and future, sadness, joy, everything.
But when we don’t get to talk about these things with a specific other, we start building conversations with ourselves.

We’re fiction characters, but we’re true. We’re someone we’re not.
We’re writers and dreamers..
We’re people with dreams and high hopes and a lot in mind.
We’re creators,
We’re different.. But.
We’re all the same. Like you….


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