To my Brother on his Birthday.

Growing up, we didn’t quite bond. Just like any normal brother-sister relationship. But we kinda fixed it now.
So it leaves me thinking.. since it’s your birthday and the day itself obliges me to think about you, wish you, curse you and thank you (Damn, I can’t think of a single curse that I would give you. Yes, am serious).
You might think it’s “Silly”, but since i didn’t have the time to get you anything.. what can I offer other than my words?

I wasn’t quite an easy child. You were always here to pick me up and put me back on the right track. Even though in the past years i really didn’t like to admit this but.. You’re one hell of an awesome person.

You never fail to make me proud. With everything you do, you keep me thinking and hoping that one day, when i grow up, i’ll turn into a mini version of you. Cuter, but i can’t help it.

Last year, when you had to spend a month or so away from home, your absence made me realize how important you are and i managed to picture my life without you in it. And trust me, it wasn’t pretty. Because brother, you kinda had something to do with making me who I am today.

All the little moments we had to share, and all the days we spent arguing and fighting, and all the cute little games we used to play when we were little, I promise you, i wouldn’t trade them for the whole entire world.

Last, but not least. I wish you all the best there is in the world. You deserve a lifetime  full of happiness and success. You work hard and i guarantee you, one day it’ll pay off. Till then, keep doing what you’re doing.

Happiest one my friend ! 🙂

P.S: I know im the best sister out there. You’re lucky.


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