An interview with a dear friend

Hello there dear readers, I hope you’re enjoying your week ! 🙂
I’m here to share with you my epic interview with a young Lebanese talent. A 15 year old boy, who’s voice, one day, will turn him into a huge worldwide star.
Luckily, this young boy is a friend of mine. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you; Georges Hanna.
– “ So Georges, tell me more about your talent, when did you first find out that you have an amazing voice?”
Georges: It first started at Church , we had a Church Recital, and I was in its choral, so they gave me a solo. And after the recital, everyone came and congratulated me for the amazing performance, solo after solo, I came to a point where I knew the value of this gift, God’s gift to me. So I started working on my voice.

-“ We’ve seen you on Talenteen a few years ago, Tell us,what did that participation add to your life and your talent specifically?
Georges : “I was still young when I participated in that show, I was 11. So my voice was still growing and I wasn’t so ready for this kind of competition. But I was accepted and I shot 3 episodes. It was an awesome experience. It gave me self confidence. It broke the barrier of fear that  once stood between me and the stage, so now I’m not afraid, I know that I can get up on stage and sing.”
– Who’s your number one inspiration?
Georges: “ You, you. And oh. You” (That didn’t quite chock me since Georges and I are really close friends. Family. )

-Who’s your role model when it comes to singing ?
Georges: “I’d say Wael Kfoury. I don’t read much about celebrity lives and how they got to the place they are now. But I can say that Wael is my idol. I love his music, and I’d like to become that successful one day. It’s nice to look up to someone, if you don’t set a goal and say that “I want to be like that” I don’t think we can go somewhere in life”

-Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years?
Georges: “If I consider taking the path of becoming a singer, this path needs luck. There are a thousand undiscovered talents, and Lucky me, I go to a “Conservatoire” where i practice, and my teach is a singer herself, so I guess she’ll be my helper. She’ll make it easier and I’ll go places with her help. Plus, now I consider taking each and every chance, participate in every show so that I can be known from now.”

-What would you last say?
Georges: “ I would like to say to each and every person that everyone has a specific talent and a specific gift that God has given to us. God has given you a talent and has put a challenge in each person’s life. It’s our job to find that talent and work on evolving it. And last but not least: We should work on ourselves, and set a goal and work on achieving it. Because If you want, you can. And you will. Thank you !”

Georges thank you for taking the time to share with us your experience, and I love you so much little brother! I really hope that once day you’ll be known worldwide and you’ll get to know these awesome readers, who now, know your name !
Thank you guys in return for reading this ! Enjoy 🙂

Stay Tuned for a new singing video where you’ll get to hear Georges Hanna’s voice 🙂


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