Gov VS People

Due to the ugly situation in my country, I took a look at Charlie Chaplin’s well known speech, “The great dictator”.. This speech was made back in 1940s, and we can’t relate more to it nowadays..
This kept me thinking.. Everything around us is evolving.. Technology, Science, Medicine.. but we, humans, are still suffocating from the exact same problems our great great grandfathers suffered from.
And the saddest part is , our grandfathers were actually able to make a change, and they didn’t have social media and TVs back then… they made a change with what they had, their voice. They weren’t that nasty and they never betrayed their country. Their souls weren’t bought by anyone. They knew that they had to defend their land till the last breath.

Why are men selling their soul and mind and blood to the dictators? The government doesn’t give a damn about you,me or anyone else. And we, instead of demanding the right to live a normal happy life, we believe them, we fight each others for them, we die and we die and we let them live.
They all have fancy palaces, ten cars, five private jets, X number of dollars in their bank accounts… That’s our money right there.
Lebanon.. A Beautiful Green country, turned to a left out garbage. Thanks to our government of course.
No tree is being left uncut, no mountain is being left undamaged, no water is being left unpolluted. And of course, we, the people, need to suffer from diseases, loss, death… because we are obliged to remain quiet and act like we are okay. We are NOT.
What are we fighting for? What is our case, our cause?

Are we fighting for a better life? Are we fighting for freedom? For peace? For equality? A life we deserve to be living?
Or are we fighting for a life where our children and grandchildren will pay the price of our stupid mistakes and suffer from the same shit we are still suffering from?
We’re fighting for them.. the people responsible for our hunger, sadness, suffering. We are fighting for X and Y, for 2 different religions even though EVERY RELIGION TEACHES IN THE NAME OF GOD AND LOVE.
We’re dying.

It is time for a change and this is our wakeup call. This is our last alert. This Earth is big enough for all of us. We shouldn’t fight for a bigger land.
We are human.. we shouldn’t fight each other if we seem different on the outside, physically. We feel, we think, we love, we act. We’re the same.
But now, our representatives a.k.a government, are teaching us a way of life. A new lifestyle, where everything Is decided for us, where we are told how to think and feel, where we are obliged to shut up and accept this bitter reality. And we do so.
even when we know that all of us united, can change what couldn’t been changed. United, we can live happily, together,
When we truly understand that the time we spend on this Earth is so very short.. We’ll know that it’s not worth living unhappily..
Think about it, and don’t stop there…
Do something about it.


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