New Years Resolutions

Hummm..Resolutions. I’ve heard this word more than a THOUSAND times these past days.
” I want to do X”
” I Wanna be Y”
Okay. Good for you. You’re making a “Plan”, a “Resolution”. But will you stick to it? Will you work hard, no, not hard, HAAAAAARD, to achieve what’s on your little list?
Allow me to answer that: N. O.

Because 90% of the people who write a new years resolution, give up by march. I Get you, i’ve been there.
Now if you’re thinking of a solution.. you might not want to write one after all. But that’s no the point. Nop.

What do you WANT ???
A change? a fresh new start? another chance? a boost? to feel better about yourself? Get married? Get in shape? Quit smoking???? WHAT?
Okay now that you know what you want, what you need. You should know that if you give up, you’ll return to 0. ZERO. NOTHING.
The main goal of a resolution, is to achieve it. like seriously guys..

When  you think about giving up, think about why you wanted this in the first place. Plus, let your resolution be realistic… Cause really some people want to grow wings this year :p I’m sorry to inform you but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon 😛

I didn’t write a resolution myself. I know what i want and i’m working on it. I’ll go for what i want , whether it ends good or bad, it’ll be a try, a chance maybe..

Make a plan guys and stick to it, It’ll be hard at times, tough, impossible to achieve… But It’s your ” Must do”
Think about this, December 31st 2016, you’ll look back  at this very year, and be like : I did it.
it’s true that 2016 is another year, a number has changed, 5 to 6.. Yeah. True, but that means you’ve got 365 days ahead of you. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS. That’s a lot. You CAN do this. and you will. You have no reason not to.
Good luck mates 🙂


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