Christmas is here !!

christmas celebrate

In this post here, I want to say a lil something to some special ones.
MY Fam!
Dad, I’m oh so lucky to have you, your job is taking hell of your time so I can’t see you as often as I want to. It sucks, but I’m still grateful you’re here, with us, me. I love you paps!

Mom.. or my bestfriend, you choose. Like seriously all words won’t be able to express what you mean to me! I’m blessed to have you as a Mom and a sister and a mentor !

My Big’o Brother, You’ll always be my fav! I actually wait each and every weekend to see you, Like seriously Bro when you’re not home, I feel like this place is missing something ! but I’ve taken advantage of your absence. Where you’re sleeping? The place we used to call YOUR room 😛 ? yeah it’s mine now !! 😛

Family is number one. Forever and always ! Lord, Keep my fam together, keep ‘em safe !

Dear Readers, Don’t forget your families. Take advantage of this time of the year, spend time with your loved ones.

Keep the family united. It’s all we’ve got. Christmas Eve, Have a glass of wine with your Parents, enjoy the company of your cousins, brothers and sisters. Spend some time with your Grandma and Grandpa, they are the best ! They’re who you should be surrounded by. And if you’re married, keep the house cozy and filled with love !
I simply LOVE Christmas !
Happy Holidays to the amazing person reading it now 😉 !!


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