Blogs i follow and love ! (Part I)

Christmas is so close Guys !!!
I decided to share with you my favorite blogs right here on WordPress ! I gotta say, I’ve met some really awesome and amazing people ! You’re all so wonderful !
These blogs here really caught my attention.. and the writers have too. I highly recommend you all check them out, they share amazing stuff !
Now I decided to give much more attention to the other blogs I follow too.. Who knows, you might end up on my fav list  😉 !!

Now this first blog, is really amazing.. I never go on a week without checking it out ! The writer herself is such an amazing person.. She draws a smile on my face, A HUGE ONE, each time she leaves a comment ! Jacqueline i loveeee lovee you !!!


This other girl, is so independent and free in her writings, and her hair is what I like the most :p She’s funny and true in what she writes, that’s what makes her unique ! Check her out mates !!

This guy here has helped me a lot, shared a lot of my posts, and he has been a really awesome friend on WordPress ! He helps a lot of people get more attention , and he shares without asking for return . I wanna take this chance to thank you my friend !



Now the next one is a flawless photographer. Like. Seriously. She takes breathtaking pictures ! I don’t know how you do it gurl ! she’ll leave you wondering. And , I dare you. I double dare you, not to fall in love with her photos.

– Okay the first thing I want you to do before you read what I wanna write about this person. Read his about. Like. Now.
Okay you’re back aren’t you? This man is like the “Older” version of me 😛 ! cause We’re very similar in what we write and think I guess. His posts and tips are soooooo useful !!

-This one’s for the LADIES ! This is a beauty blog, and I said beauty blog because I LOVE THE MAKEUP STUFF SHE POSTS LIKEEE SERIOUSLY. I would die.
The makeup supplies she chooses are beautiful, and well she’s a beautiful woman herself !!


And the best for last, Michelle !! She’s a mom, a very kind one! And she posts recipes and articles about her life as a mom. I would honestly say she brings “motherhood” to another level !! AND, she’s so nice. Nice people are rare. BELIEVE YOU ME.



I’ll be writing another article about the other wonderful blogs I follow 🙂 ! You guys are all so amazingly nice and sweet ! I’m so happy that here, I’m not just sharing my interests and writing about what I think and love. WordPress isn’t just considered as my “Voice” or a way to make my voice be heard . No, not just that. I found out that wordpress was my way of getting to know people from all around the world, and I’m thankful. I am. Truly..

Thank you for being a HUGEEEE part of my journey, and be prepared for many more !


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