These past days, I’ve been learning how to park a car, and you know.. Everything related to cars. Driving.
And some of my family members came up to me like : “why are you in such a rush? You’re only 16 ! Give yourself a break you have plenty of time to learn how to drive !!”
Well.. Yes. I am a 16 year old. I won’t be able to drive a car till I’m 18. But, I can learn.

im freee

The truth is… I wanna feel free. Independent. I know I should take advantage of my teen years and I’m still so very young and life has just begun for me… and I know I’ll regret it when I’m an official adult, with all the responsibilities and sh*t. I know now I don’t have to worry about paying taxes, and bills, and work, and all the adult things. And I know as soon as I’ll live on my own I’ll look back to this exact same article here and think like : what was I thinking?

But maybe not.

You know when a bird has been caged up all its life, and you set it free.. it’ll be tough. The bird has to find its balance, learn to fly, find its own food.. yes, it’ll be tough. But a bird is a bird. You can’t expect a bird, that has wings, not to fly. It will. And It’ll find a way to do all of this.

I’m a bird.

free as a bird

I’ll figure it out. I’ll find a way… I want to experience the bad and the good.. I want to know how it feels like to wake up and get dressed, go to work, and if someday I can’t fall asleep at 3 am, I can go on a long drive. Freely.

Because I’m a bird.

Aren’t we all birds?

I Guess… We choose to be birds: free ones, or caught up in a cage..

The choice is yours. I already chose.


13 thoughts on “Free…

  1. Just from reading this one blog, you seem like the type who wants to experience life not just live it. Well, life has a lot to offer so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to start to experience it now. Just don’t forget being a teenager has a lot of fun things to offer as well! Fly high and free! 😁

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  2. All that freedom comes with some responsibility too. Find your balance, explore yet work, travel yet have a home base. That balance is key. But don’t rush. Your time will come to fly, whether you want it to or not. Take time to enjoy the now.

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