P.S : You’re a big deal !!

Just now, my bestfriend and i were chatting.. talking about the silliest things. you know, boys, school…ect
Then, she sent me this video:

and she was like.. ” Sara, watch it alone, put some headphones in and relax” And that’s what i did.
When the video ended.. i was like.. Oh well, I needed this.

Don’t we all need this reminder? Don’t we all feel left out? Don’t we all feel so alone?? So small??
Here’s the thing.. We’re not small, nor left out, nor alone.

All these big stuff. HUGE STUFF surrounding us: Galaxies, Oceans, Mountains… They don’t mean a thing without Us, You, Me..
Take a minute… and Think about that.

I don’t want to be religious here, i don’t bring such stuff into my blog, BUT, guys, We’re here for a reason. We’re all unique. We’re all really awesome beings, and yet, we don’t understand that.. and we use this big, amazing, hugeeeeee power, in the wrong way!


War, personal advantage, killing, polluting the ONLY EARTH HUMAN RACE HAS EVER KNOWN. Is this your reason? Is this why you’re here in the first place?

We’re beautiful, sensitive, kind, joyful, smart, intelligent, lovable CREATURES. Let’s not forget that my friends..
And a HUGE thank you goes to my Dearest friend Noor for sending me this.
We hope you enjoy it guys !
you were put on this earth


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