Christmas’s on its way !

Here we all are, the countdown begins, Christmas is almost there !
25 days left my friends.

We’re all happy all of a sudden, and ready to celebrate !

But, you know what’s pissing me off ? ( and i’m not trying to be negative about a thing)

The way that TV stations and programs start doing all these campaigns to help the “less fortunate” ones. NOW, i’m not saying i’m against it or anything, no, don’t get me wrong ! I know that the Holidays are all about helping others and bringing joy to people’s lives… But why do we wait for the “Holidays” or “Special Occasions” to help others ?!
Don’t we know that, if we want to, we can turn each day into a Holiday, or a Christmas?

I see  “publicity” and “Advertisements” like :  please help this kid have a better Christmas by sending 1$ to this number, ect ect…

Okay so if I help him celebrate a better Christmas, he won’t be poor anymore? or homeless? or will he go to school? What’s the BIG CHANGE that I’ll be doing !?

Christmas is the happiest time of the year, we get it !  but let’s make each and everyday a Christmas day ! That’s how you make a change.


Dear TV stations, stop using kids and families, stop taking advantage of them so that you can have higher ratings. Instead of waiting till Christmas, help them each day. Take care  of the homeless, pay a child’s schooling to go to school, visit an old woman/man every day and put a smile on their face !

The joy of Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas..
Teach your kids that Christmas isn’t about Santa and presents and Christmas trees.. Family, Giving, Helping, Praying… This is Christmas.

Sadly, we forget that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.(Not trying to be religious on my blog) But this a fact.

Let’s all celebrate Christmas as we should, and Live Christmas in each and every day.

Enjoy your Week my dears !


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