My first official M.U.N session

Hello guys,
No time no.. ” see “?
Well yesterday, i had my first OFFICIAL Model United Nations session ! and it was AWESOOOOOME.
At first, i was nervous and scared… like what did I get myself into? Better yet, i wanted to disappear and leave.
You know, it was the feeling you get when it’s Do or Die.

At 2 p.m, my session started. I stepped right into the room.. took a seat right in the middle, smiled at a bunch of people.. and our trainers introduced themselves and we started discussing UN related stuff.

I didn’t think i could enjoy it as much as i did ! People there were amazing! I felt so relaxed and well, i was “Me”.

The day was well spent! i could actually say i stepped out of my comfort zone and free-d myself.


We’re EIGHTY people in my class. EIGHTY.
Let me introduce you to my M.U.N School family.
I’m more than blessed to have these peeps around me to support me and well, we support each others 🙂

Take look at my outfit, all from Costello shop!
I’ll keep you up-to-date about the whole journey !!
Enjoy your week 🙂


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