Humans.. Not Humanity

Good morning guys, I promised you earlier this week that I will post an article about social media, but due to the awful issues that took place yesterday and the day before, I’ve decided to talk about Terrorism. Paris, Lebanon, Baghdad…. These countries (and even more countries), have been victims of Terrorism.

November 12th, twin suicide bombs exploded. More than 150 persons died, more than 200 injured persons…
November 13th, Paris got attacked. More than 100 victims, more than 100 injury..


Overall, 300 persons died these 2 days.

Can you imagine this? I can’t even put my words together!


In addition to all hunger, tragedies, poverty… we need terrorism !? Like we’re living so peacefully, and we’re so fine. We’re over 7 billion people, and we can’t stop an X number of people, and I don’t even think that I can call them PEOPLE. They’re clearly not HUMAN !!

We need to unite our powers together.. and fight !

Mothers have lost their children.

5 year old girls and boys have lost their fathers!

Babies have lost their dear moms !

Brothers are nowhere to be found !!


Is this the end…? The end of humanity, peace, love, compassion, happiness..

Me, a 16 year old girl, should I worry each time I step out of my threshold? Should my mom call me every 5 mins to make sure I’m fine? Should I say my goodbyes each time I go out and “have fun”?

This is so NOT my job. That’s not what we should be doing.

Should we keep in mind that a bomb is somewhere near us ? should we live in anxiety 24/7?


How can you just occupy another child’s tear?


Guys.. this is a crisis, chaos ! death is surrounding us, and we should fight back,In every possible way, it’s a matter of life, and death.

I’m just so sick of it. Like, enough already !

Let’s take a moment, and pray. Power of prayers and love is our biggest weapon in the meantime.

And just for the record :


I’ve witnessed some dirty things on the internet , many people are blaming Muslims for the attacks. That’s not okay ! culture and religion is not related in any kind of way to this ! ISIS is not a religion. It’s a group of “ I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO CALL THEM” representing false realities. It is sick to just say that Muslims are terrorists. So, STOP IT. I just don’t understand how can they take people’s lives ? personally, I can’t just take innocent people’s lives and sit there, and watch their families go through hell !

I hope we can understand this once and for all, I hope the world will shape up one day!


You know.. I’m starting to understand Serj Tankian’s songs. He’s a singer, and I just can’t describe how his songs relate to what’s happening, Here’s some of his lyrics :

-Empty Walls: “Don’t you see their bodies burning?

Desolate and full of yearning

Dying of anticipation

Choking from intoxication”

-Occupied tears:

“Don’t you all know?

Don’t you all care?

Don’t you all see how this isn’t fair?

Are we all blind? Do we not see?

Do we not bleed?

Of course we all know

Of course we all care

Of course we all see how this isn’t fair

We are not blind, yes, we do see

It’s time to end this misery”

I ask you all to take the time and listen to his songs.

  • Nickelback, If everyone cared :

“If everyone cared and nobody cried

If everyone loved and nobody lied

If everyone shared and swallowed their pride

Then we’d see the day when nobody died”

To end this article, people, stay safe. Pray for Lebanon, Paris, Baghdad. And also for Japan and Mexico (Earthquake/Hurricane)


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