Dealing with Sadness

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just thought ” You know what? I Don’t feel like dealing with sh*it today!

Yes.. We’ve all been there.

But the common mistake we do.. Is that we ignore our feelings.

Believe it or not. You just stay in bed all  day, chilling, eating chips and watching TV; Instead of facing what’s making you sad. We’ve learned that we should hide our feelings, shut up, and act like we’re okay. And you know what? That’s WRONG.

Why don’t  you say what’s on your mind and get it off your chest? Why?? Have you ever asked yourself?

You start by shutting you mouth, closing your heart, faking a smile..And that becomes a habit. So people around you won’t know that they’ve hurt you. They’ll continue doing it. Over and over again.

Well, i think that We’re complicating stuff:

You’re hurt ? Say it.

You love someone ? Text them saying : Hey, you know, I’ve loved you for awhile now and it’s about time i say it”

You should never feel like you’re a prisoner of your own self. FREE YOURSELF from YOURSELF.

Don’t be afraid. You may loose some, but you’ll gain yourself !



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