Free yourself…

“If you give your fear legs, it will run away with your dreams

I’ve read this beautiful quote a while ago.. and it keeps on running round in my head.

It is deeper than You and I think.

I mean.. re-read it.

How many times have you gave up on what you wanted cause you were AFRAID?

In my situation, countless times.

WE let fear take control over us. And dear friends, it is SO damn wrong.

You’ll stay where you are if you don’t take control of your life and get over your fears. You’ll be missing on life’s opportunities and chances. Take risks. You’ve got nothing to lose, as much as you’ll gain if you try !

Of course, we all get a little scared sometimes. I know I do.

But if I let my fears take over me, and don’t try or do what I want to, I’ll live with regret.

And it isn’t cool.

Think about change, free yourself.

Sometimes all you need is a little courage , and you’ll conquer the world.

It depends on YOU, and only you. Not your family, nor your friends.

You live once, And if you live it right, ONCE IS ENOUGH.

“If you give your fear legs, it will run away with your dreams“

Have a wonderful week Fellows 🙂

21 thoughts on “Free yourself…

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      1. People like you give me inpiration, and make me feel like i’m doing something. Thank you so much !
        It’s amazing how people take their time to see what you’ve done and say you did it a good job !
        THANK YOU !! 🙂


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