My Favorite Tv Shows As A Kid

I promised you an article about my favorite tv shows, a long long long looooooong time ago,Well here it is ! I always like to spend time on my own, to look back at my childhood.. what I used to like, eat, watch, hate…

But the thing is, most of the tv shows I used to watch , I still LOVE them. I don’t watch them all now, but there’s a time when I’m sad or bored or just feel like acting childish,so I re-watch them. ALL.

One of my favorite tv shows EVER, is Pokemon . If you don’t know what Pokemon is, I don’t know what you are. But you’re sure as hell not human !!

It’s a show centered on fictional creatures,Pokemons, which humans capture and train to fight each others. I MEAN OH. MY. GOD. Yes. I love, adore, them thaaaaat much.


I have an older brother who used to watch the show and get pokemon toys, so that’s how I got addicted to it.

I remember watching Pokemon every day, before going to school. We use to imitate them too :p I still remember some of the characters’ names !!

Ash is the main character, he has a cute little pokemon named Pikatchu. They’re adorableee ! He has friends and enemies. I forgot his friends’ names ! 😦 Oops.


My second favorite show, was Winx. Yes, I was a little girly that time. You know, it’s about fairies and stuff . I used to like their hair 😛 !

And of course, who can forget about TOM AND JERRY. I still watch them. They make you laugh like you’re a 5 year old all over again.

I never get bored watching them .They’re my number one saviors when I’m sad.

I guess that this show will never get old.

tomm and jerry

When I grew up,became like a 10-11 year old, I started watching Disney channel.. I became addicted to it. I swear !

I used to love watching “ Sweet life of Zac and Cody” ; “That’s so Raven” ; “Wizards of Waverly Place” ect ect..

zac and cody

Just for the record, Zack and Cody ( Dylan and Cole Sprouse ) look like that now :

I feel so old !

Disney channel played a huge part in my life, it helped me develop my English, Expend my imagination.

When I’ll have kids ( way too soon to talk about that 😛 ), I’ll make sure they watch the old Disney channel shows.

In my opinion , the shows we watch as kids, play a huge role in our lives, I remember always trying to see if I had super powers, and trying to find pokemon creatures..

I cherish my childhood, and how it all went. Kids nowadays won’t have the chance to live all this.

Long live 90s and 2000s kids 😉 !!

That’s my story, and my awesome tv shows list. What’s yours ? 🙂


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