New experience

Here we all are, Tuesday afternoon.. on our way to a new weekend *YEYYYY*

Too soon ? yeah, thought so 😛

I’m sure you’re all wondering about my title.. Let me break it down for you .

Today, at school, some of the 12th graders told us about M.U.N , ( Model United Nations ), which will be held in L.A.U ( Lebanese American University )

I’m looking forward to it.. I mean, it will ” Change my life” as some of the old members said.

People who’ve been there, told me that it’s an awesome experience, it will change my point of view on everything, like, seriously. UNITED NATIONS.

But…. the thing is that there is some kind of audition in order to get accepted and attent the sessions there..

I’m more than nervous.. i know i’m capable and i CAN do it, but I’m still a little scared.

What if i froze there? What if i just stood there, saying absolutely nothing? I keep on imagining  myself standing still in front of people .

ugghhhhh! I want to experience this. I WANT THIS SO BAD.

It’s like getting a million dollars but it’s more valuable to me.

I just can’t describe what i’m feeling and why this is so important to me . Some of my friends are auditioning too..

So, Dear readers, Fellow bloggers and friends, Take a minute and say your prayers :p Wish me luck !!

And of course, I’ll be back, with a new post and hopefully with some good news 🙂 !

P.S : if you want to know more about M.U.N :


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