For My Mom On Her Birthday

I know this is cliché, wishing your mom “Happy Birthday” on the internet where everyone can read it ect ect..

Mom, I hope you’re reading this…

Today is your birthday, And I guess the best thing I can offer you are my words..

Recently, You had your wrist surgery, and had to rest for a while. So all house chores were on me.

I thought it would be easy, cooking, doing the dishes, laundry, making beds… the list would never end.

I know this whole thing will give me a little experience about what’s waiting for me in the future.. But this made me realize another thing.

How much you work, how much you suffer and never rest, how hard you work and never complain. How blessed I am to have you !

You always took care of my brother, my father and myself, and never seemed to take care of yourself.

And, you’re not just a MOTHER. You’ve always been a friend, a mentor, a doctor, a teacher… everything!

You’ve taught me everything I know today, you’ve been the strength I needed throughout my life. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I’ve probably said it before — you are my angel on earth.

I treasure you, mom, and love you more than life itself.

I may not show it every day, but I’m sure you know how much I love and appreciate you.

I wish you joy, happiness, good health and everything beautiful in life, cause you deserve it ! you deserve the best of it !

No matter how old I am , or how old you are, I’ll never forget the times we spent singing and laughing and playing like we were 5 year olds.

I may not have the chance to help you fulfill each and every one of your dreams, but I’ll make sure to return each favor, Just like I promised you.

Mom,I love you so so so so so so so so much !! no amount of words can really describe that.

May God bless you, mother.

Enjoy each and every day of your life, and give me the privilege to see that beautiful smile of yours.

Happy Birthday Mom !


20 thoughts on “For My Mom On Her Birthday

  1. Wish your mom a very happy birthday from my side saraa … I found your blog at community pool and its amazing .. I like you writings and the way you potray your thoughts … Keep it up ..

    I hope you will favour me and check out my blog and tell me what to improve more ..

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