Meet the band SPTT

Like I promised you, every Friday will be dedicated to a new band that I’ll introduce you to.

Today, I’ll be sharing some infos about a band, that I met in a strange yet beautiful way.

I was sad, and un-motivated, wanting to give up.. and then, I listened to a song that changed my mind.

You know, sometimes you need someone to come to you and tell you : “ Just stand up and fight !!! “

Oh! Wait! That’s the name of their single! :p Silly me.


But seriously..

Their song changed my mood. Made me smile. And gave me the strength to actually stand up and fight! Fight hard!

Fight for what I want, what I believe in, what I care about!

I know you’re wondering what their name is. The name of the band is “She pulled the trigger” SPTT for short.


The band is formed by Four guys : Chris Zell Vocalist/Guitarist , Nick Zell Drummer, Patrick Kearney Guitarist , Ricky Bassist.

SPTT are releasing a new single “Dying To Shine” and a new video THIS MONDAY !!! Can’t wait !

sptt dts

Here are some links for you to follow and like 🙂

SPTT’s Twitter :

SPTT’s Facebook:

And, Here’s the link to their single : Stand Up and Fight :

Check them out, and you WON’T regret it 😉 !
Comment your thoughts here 🙂


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