New Schedule

Hello there fellow Bloggers πŸ™‚

I’ve spent some time thinking that I should put on a schedule for my blog, since school is starting in a week, And i’ll be kind of busy with my exams and studying and ugggghhhh don’t get me started 😦

SCHOOL. yes yes… I’m still trying to understand how summer is over. I mean, COME ON.

It was pretty much a 30 second summer. Wasn’t it ? Please tell me i’m not the only one feeling this way ! 😦

Now, back to that schedule again ..

I’ll be posting some random posts, whenever i have an idea or whenΒ  I get the urge to write something I’d like to share with you. So, there’s no specific time for these kind of posts..

We’ll start off our week together with an Inspirational-Motivational quote or story.. So Monday will be our “Smiley Monday

Friday, will be our ” Meet the band ” Friday.

For the rest of the week… well.. i don’t know yet.

Maybe I’ll dedicate Thursday or Wednesday for some kind of ” Top 5 ” something :p

But i’d like to know what YOU guys want and if this is good for you and if you like it.. I mean, after all I’m writing for YOU.

So your satisfaction is my #1 priority πŸ™‚

Leave your comments here. I’d be more than happy to take whatever you say in consideration πŸ˜€


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