Secrets Of Naturally Skinny People

We all have that one Skinny friend who can eat whatever they want, Right?! Do you ever just wonder if those people were just born that way, or do they have secrets 😉 ? I’ll show you in this post the habits of fit and skinny people and how to become a “Healthy Eater” as well. I Hope you can learn from them and get inspired 🙂 !

The first thing I’ve learned about fit people is that they actually Eat dinner Early , So don’t eat dinner three hours before you go to bed,  this will give your body the chance to get rid of ” waste”. Eating your last meal earlier gives your body more time to digest the food and burn fat instead of creating more fat while  you sleep. Sleeping after a meal will cause you bad sleep and will slow down your digestion, causing you to feel tired, bloated, and uncomfortable when you wake up.

The second thing i’ve realized is that they Spend  time in their Kitchen, because it’s much easier to eat healthy when you prepare your food yourself, that way you control the portions you eat. In fact, food preparation is the best thing to do if you want to change your eating habits, you’ll start to learn what is good for your health and what is not. Start preparing your food – Cooking is fun !!


The most important thing i’ve  learned is that Fit people aren’t Emotional Eaters, They don’t think about food all the time ( which is hard for me, i love food). They don’t eat when they’re bored, sad, or upset. They have a controlled relationship with food, and found happiness outside food, In other words, Food will make you feel better sometimes, we all do love eating ( specially carbs) But, you need to find happiness in  exercising or maybe dancing !!

emotional eater

Out of sight, out of mind. Right ? Fit people, keep unhealthy food away from them, and keep healthy food in hand. Instead of keeping crackers and sweets,they store healthy snacks in their kitchen, and have fruits and veggies in their fridges. Therefor, they are unlikely to make unhealthy diet choices.

Keep  in mind , that fit people Don’t stand still. They take the stairs instead of the elevator, Move when they have nothing to do, Go for a run when they’re bored. that’s why over-weighted people are known for sitting for a long period of time instead of moving  and burning fat.


These are simple tips and cheats you can follow for a better lifestyle, see? you don’t have to change the world to control your habits . Do a little research  and find out more on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle 😉 Hope this inspired you to change some unhealthy habits.



4 thoughts on “Secrets Of Naturally Skinny People

  1. Hi Saraa, I stopped by from The Community Pool. First, I like the clean direct layout of your blog. Second, your sincere desire to help others makes me feel welcome and accepted. And last, the fact that you are open to suggestions and eager to improve your blog means you’ll keep growing and getting better at what you do.
    The greatest tip I’ve heard about health/eating comes from actress & author Jamie Lee Curtis, “Move more, eat less.” Isn’t that a lot of wisdom tucked in a nutshell?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comment is overwhelming ! I’m such a lucky person , bcz ppl like you give me inspiration and more self confidence, at least, i can be sure that my work is likable and appreciated, I’m more than lucky actually !
      Thank you SO much for your kind comment 🙂 ! made my day !
      And yes, Mrs. Jamie is one hundred percent right !


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