Meet the Band #OLR

As a huge music fan, I’m always searching for new bands, new type of music to listen to. Recently, i had the chance to listen to a new band called :  One Last Run.

olr logo

I was going through Youtube videos, and I noticed their page. I gave their new hit “Tell Me” a listen, and… I fell in love with their music. It wasn’t love at first sight, it was more like love at first song or something.

I downloaded the song, and it took a huge part of my “Favorite Playlist” (I Don’t Add New Songs To My Playlist Easily)… Aaaaaand I became a fan.

As a fan now, I follow them on twitter, like their Facebook page.. just like a normal fan would do.

But the huge surprise was divided to two mini-surprises :

a) They followed back.

b) They actually messaged me, and replied to my tweets and DMs. THEY DID.

I mean.. Okay, They may be new and Not that known all around the world, but they are Famous. And, to take the time to actually reply to their fans.. Now that’s Epic !

And I’m sure, when this band reaches high levels, and earn many awards ( I’m sure they will ), They’ll stay as humble as they are now, they will always treat their Fans, (or how i like to call us ) Family, the way they do now. Which is with: kindness and huge respect.

I mean.. They’re Awesome, aside from their incredibly awesome music and songs.. they’re good people.And good people are hard to find. That’s why I’m so proud of them , and of myself, because I’m one of their family.

I would enormously appreciate it if You guys take a look at their music video.

I will post all of their websites links here:

Twitter account:

Facebook account :

Youtube :

Members : Becky Roberts – Vocals Rob Leach – Rhythm/Lead Guitar Jack Pennington – Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Chris Smith – Bass/Backing Vocals Dan Brown – Drums/Backing Vocal


P.S * This photo was taken by the amazing : Sinister Underground Productions
Link to their Facebook page :
Check them out ! *

& Stay tuned for more from One Last Run, and From Me 🙂

Have a nice day fellow bloggers 🙂


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