Childhood Memories

This big girl here used to have a thousand dreams growing up, Life as a child was easier.. Better.

Let me break this down for you and tell you about a little girl named Sara, ME! 🙂

From the ages, let’s say, 4 to 7, I used to love playing with my dollies. I used to take them everywhere. I had like 20 of them, and each one had a name *I don’t remember them now 😛 * . My dolls used to be my best friends. I remember taking them to bed with me, giving them bubble baths, buying them clothes and dresses, at this age I wanted to become a Fashion designer, just because I loved their dresses. They seemed so human to me. You see how big the imagination of a child is?

Growing up (12) Growing up (11) Growing up (10) Growing up (9) Growing up (6) Growing up (8)

( I’m sorry about their appearance now, they were prettier when I was little I swear 😛 )

Later on my childhood years, (age 8 to 11), specially growing up with an older brother, I started to like Cars, Action figures (spiderman, batman…). I remember playing with my brother’s little army toys and imagining ourselves like we were at war. It seems like it was yesterday. I wanted to build cars and fight the enemies away like my life was a movie or something. Yes yes, I was kind of boy-ish :p. But I think it is important, having an older brother , you learn how to be strong, how to handle yourself properly, and you get to be the real funky childish version of You.

Growing up (3) Growing up (5) Growing up (2)

(too bad I couldn’t find his action figures and army toys.)

Now.. Little Sara is all grown up. Every little dream she had in the past has faded away..

What do I love now? Books, Music, Art…and anything related.

This is my book collection; I’m planning on expending it.

Growing up (16) Growing up (17)

This is Me, the real ME… 16 years all resumed into one post.

Looking back to all of those memories, I shed a tear every now and then, remembering all of this. Like, WOW, My childhood life is over…. pooof, it has turned into a bunch of memories now.

Let me tell you a secret : searching for this stuff has made me so happy, I even spent some time playing with my toys. It brings me such a joy.

Also, Writing this has made me more aware than ever, It made me cherish the kind of childhood I had. I’m such a lucky girl.

And for all you fellow bloggers, no matter how old you are, Take a couple of minutes to remember all of your childhood memories, search for your old toys and take a look at them. Remember how innocent you were and Find your inner-child, because this Kid inside you will stay with you..

.. Forever.


P.S: I’ll be posting about my favorite TV shows as a child soon . 🙂


15 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

      1. It was definitely worth the read. And the pictures of your dolls are exactly what mine look like now!! I can totally relate!


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