Breaking News !

Hello WordPress Audience !

Looks like It’s Me Saraa is now on Facebook !

Today I’ve decided to take my blog to the next level, So why not by putting it on Facebook ? 😉

Why don’t You all take a look at it and might as well give a like ? 🙂

…Yesterday, i asked myself : Why did I start writing in the first place ?

I may not have a thousand reader and I may not be “popular” ( I HATE THIS WORD ), but every now and then I get an E-mail from someone telling me that a post has made his day, or made him smile, And i just stop for a minute and think like : Wow ! Did that just happen !?!?!

But… Yes. It did, and that’s why i started writing : To make someone Smile. Or even just to make them see the world in a different perspective. And that’s more than enough for me.

So why don’t you, my readers, help me share this feeling?

Before i end this post, I want to take the chance and Thank you, all, for giving me Inspiration, Motivation, and Joy. YOU are the reason I write…. and looks like I’m gonna stick around for a while 🙂

Yours truly, Sara.

Facebook Page:


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