September 9 or ..?

Today’s date is 9/9, or as I like to call it: ADAM SANDLER’S BIRTHDAYYY !

For those who don’t know who Adam is( I hardly doubt that); Adam Sandler is a famous actor/comedian, from NYC. He is best known for his roles in the romantic comedy The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy and Mr. Deeds, and who can forget his double roles in “ Jack & Jill” or “ Grown Ups” ?!?

jack and jill

Sandler is one of the best, I mean seriously, when I watch one of his movies, I laugh so hard that I actually pee a little sometimes. (hushhh don’t tell anyone )

Adam turns 49 today, I’m so lucky because I actually had the chance to witness this man’s success in everything he did; acting, making music, making people laugh..

Nowadays, making people cry is easy, but making them laugh or crack a smile, now that’s a great achievement.

Personally, I’m waiting for Adam Sandler’s next big thing.. Fingers Crossed!! and happy birthdayyyy to Youuuu Adam !

adam sandler


7 thoughts on “September 9 or ..?

  1. The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, Anger Management, 50 First Dates, Funny People – Awesome!

    Everything else – Hmmmmm less so and he’s really starting to grate on me personally with his later stuff but he does come across as a nice guy which is cool. Have you soon Pixels?


      1. I’ll have to check it out because its been really slated but the concept interests me as well and you can’t take sceptical critics at their word all the time (says me, a critic himself! 😛 ).
        I think when he really tries it shows and when he doesn’t it shows then as well. Have you seen Funny People? That’s one of his best and he’s superb in it.

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