Success Stories


Today, I thought I’d share with you 4 stories of 4 incredible people from all around the world.

I look up to them, and I’ve put them on my “Idols “list since I was 10.

First, I would like to start with an amazing musician;

Ludwig Van Beethoven.( 1770-1827)


Ludwig Van Beethoven’s music teacher once said that he was hopeless as a composer.. But Beethoven became one of the most important classical composers of all time! Although he was often ill, and finally became totally deaf, he managed to produce an extraordinary quantity of work, including concertos, symphonies and operas.

It’s been said: “Though Beethoven wasn’t able to hear, he was able to listen.”

Now, I’d like to talk about a really known Poet:

Benjamin Zephaniah (1958-)


Millions of people around the world have heard the voice of Benjamin, Britain’s best known rap poet. Zephaniah was told by his teacher that he was “ a born failure “. He was taken out of school at a young age because he couldn’t behave. Later, he was sent to an approved school ( a kind of youth prison) and then twice to prison. While in prison he decided to become a poet and he was able to educate himself. He wasn’t able to write until he was in his 20s.

He started to perform with bands so his poems could reach people who didn’t read books. Today, his books of poetry are best-sellers and one of his most famous fans is actually Nelson Mandela!!

Moving on, the next successful woman is my number one favorite author!

JK Rowling (1965-)

jk rowling

Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series back in 1990 on a train! During then ext five years, JK Rowling planned each book, so that she would know what was going to happen before she began writing. In 1991 she went to Portugal where she taught English and continued writing the first novel. Then, she moved to Edinburgh, there she managed to complete Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. It was published in 1997 and became an instant best-seller. JK Rowling is now one of the most successful authors in the world!

Last but surely not least:

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four, and couldn’t read until he was seven!

One of his teachers called him “Mentally Slow”. After failing the entering examination once, he managed to get a place at the Swiss institute of Technology in Zurich back in 1896. Although he did fairly well as a student he wasn’t able to get a job at a Swiss university. But in 1905, at the age of 26, Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity, which led to the most famous physics equation : E=mc2.

The reason I wanted to share those stories with you guys today, is because you might think you’re not capable of anything, but if you try, try hard enough, and believe in yourself you might accomplish something you never thought of doing. Take these 4 people as an example !

  • Sara

5 thoughts on “Success Stories

  1. Truly inspiring !!!
    “It’s to the great pleasure of ours that the world is filled with people who fought and won against adversity”- I read it somewhere and it’s true right on!
    These stories only provide us with inspiration and sensational feeling that if they can do it, then why can’t we!

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