Facing Challenges

Every situation presents challenges, and school is no different. How you deal with these challenges will affect your overall school experience.

  • Bullying

Experiencing bullying can make school very difficult. If you experience bullying during school, there are things you can do. Use counselors, parents and teachers to help you strategize what to do if you are bullied. Don’t be afraid to talk to an adult such as your parent or the school counselor, who can help you get through the situation. Know that if you are being bullied, you’re not alone. There are people who can help you.

  • Peer Pressure

Friends and acquaintances may be trying all sorts of different things in school. You may hear about other kids drinking, smoking, taking drugs, or engaging in other risky behaviors. Some of your friends may even ask you to participate. When friends push you to try these types of risky behaviors, it’s called peer pressure. Giving in to peer pressure can have an effect on many areas of your life including academic, physical, emotional, and mental. If friends are pressuring you to engage in risky behaviors, it’s important to take control of the situation. Know that kids who don’t like you because you don’t party are not true friends. Your true friends would never push you to do something unsafe or uncomfortable. If you’re feeling a lot of peer pressure, talk to an adult you trust such as your parents, or an older relative. They can guide you through this.

  • Studying

Studying isn’t the number one loved activity by students, believe me. You might feel tired sometimes and you may feel like giving up , it’s normal. Don’t let stress and pressure control your school life. Take a break from 1 to 2 hours when you come back home after school, eat , watch TV, do something you love before studying. This will help you release stress.   Stay focused and organize your work. Take breaks when you need to and make sure that you finish your homework before going to sleep.

Whether the challenges of school are academic or social, students can take control and make the experience productive and enjoyable. If you need some tips related to other challenges or subjects, contact me on :


Enjoy your school year ! 🙂

Sara. ®


5 thoughts on “Facing Challenges

  1. Very true about bullying. I was a victim of it back in school and really see now that I should of told someone about a lot sooner but hind-sight is 20/20 as they say! Good post.
    I think a lot of bullying now is down to perception of body types and weight etc. Just made a post on this subject and would be great to get your thoughts if you have a few mins.


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