Positive change

A morning in the life of a positive mind

The birds are singing a sweet melody. The air is crisp, feeling like a gentle lover’s kiss on my cheek, and the taste of a new fresh morning is delicious. Is this morning different? Or am I different? Huuummm..

Most likely explanation is I am different. Mornings have always been lovely – I can see that now, thanks to the power of positive affirmations.

I used to be so engrossed in my loud worries and wound up in high stress that I forgot how to listen to or feel or taste a new day of life.

Do you know the feeling, being “too busy” to even feel the sensations in your own body, much less those around you?

But I used to build up a lot of problems that didn’t even exist. I used to make up a lot of stories in my head that weren’t true.

You can’t be a role model to others while you’re still repeating negative patterns of thought and behavior. You have to fix yourself first!

When you see someone else behaving negatively, it’s a turn-off. When you hear someone else complain incessantly and be ungrateful, it’s disgusting. Why not apply the rules to you?

After all, the only person you can change is YOU! Changing anyone else is your own made-up delusion.

You can’t change your spouse, your child, your mother, your brother, your father, your client, your boss, your neighbor, your teacher, your [insert anyone in your life].

But you may decide to die trying. It won’t work but.. go right ahead, if you insist!

Unless of course, you want a path of happiness in your life. And inner peace. And calm mind. And happy heart. And focused productivity. And wealth And constant joy and laughter in your daily life, and , and and…

Then keep readin’

Have you approved of yourself lately?

Or are you so busy criticizing yourself that you can’t find “anything” to approve of?

That’s because your negative thoughts have taken up all the space in your mind, leaving so little for positive, affirmative thoughts and beliefs.

After I started surrounding myself with positive vibes and energy, I was able to hear not just the sounds of nature again, but my own true inner voice, the one that approved of who I am, the one that loved me and felt I was important.

FACT : Your negative thoughts are not who you are. Your negative thoughts are not the truth.

So while you have a choice, why not believe the stories of a positive mind?


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