What Now..? I guess I know.

Here I am today, after a rough week, I still don’t know what to write.

How can i post something fun and joyful and full of happiness if I, myself, am not feeling  so ?

I can see you wondering, ” The little blogger who always posts about being positive and feeling good, is actually feeling DOWN ?”

Well, Yes. In the end I am human too, i have my days..

But you know what the problem is ?? The real problem ?


I’ve tried to just take a deep breath, and let it *whatever it is* go.. !

It keeps on haunting me. And I still don’t know what IT is.

The funny part is, whenever a friend of mine is stuck in a similar situation, I always end up with a solution to their problem, but why can’t I find one for myself ??

It’s 7.11 pm, and tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and try not to think about ANYTHING. I mean, if I don’t know what’s bothering me , why do I let it bother me anyways?

Seriously… I can hear my inner-voice telling me :

” Enough with the over-thinking, Enough with the non-smiling face, Enough with all the sleepless nights Sara. Get yourself together and deal with it. Smile, Sara, Smile ”

I kept on ignoring it, like SHUT UP ME. But “me” is right.. Am I?

Here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna take a deep breath, close my eyes, calm myself, and let all the negative energy out of my system, until I find what’s making me upset and actually deal with it, that’s all I can  do.

Moral of the story, If anyone, out there, is  feeling the same as me, just Breathe.

It’s just a bad day/week/month. It will never be a bad LIFE.

Hold on, and listen to your inner voice.



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