It’s A Journey

I’ve spent these past years trying to figure out how to be happy and fulfill my dreams, wondering “why do some people have it all and some don’t?” I wasn’t happy , nor satisfied, So I decided to go on a journey to define what made me happy and understand how life works. After spending time analyzing, reading, crying, laughing, and exploring within – these five words, in this exact order, define what I have learned:


  1. LOVE.
    Love is your foundation to create the life of your dreams. You have to love yourself and fill every single day with things you absolutely love. Everything in your life should always be vibrating with passion and love. If your life isn’t like this today, it’s okay. It begins with “selfishly” detaching yourself from everything, big and small, that doesn’t bring you joy. It will be a lonely and at times scary process, but it’s absolutely necessary to create a strong self-love foundation. You can start with the following:
  • Create boundaries and learn how to say NO. You will NOT: have it “all”, have healthy/balanced relationships, or create your ideal happy life, if you don’t prioritize yourself first. So begin to think of the word “selfish” as key to your self-love foundation. When making any decision, ask yourself these questions: Does this honor me? Is this the best thing for me? Will this decision get me closer to my ideal life? If, the answer is no, don’t do it.
  • Every item you own and hold onto, from that grade 1 t-shirt to old high school notebooks, has to be something you love. If you don’t love it, get rid of it.
  • Every single person in your life should unconditionally love and support you. You will have to slowly distance yourself from people who are negative, close-minded, or have limited beliefs. This process may seem harsh and difficult, but you’ll soon have better and more rewarding relationships.
  • Love and accept your body. Treat and take amazing care of your physical self – ensure you do something active and eat healthy everyday.
  • Treat YOURSELF.
  1. THINK.
    Have you ever looked around and thought: everything I see was once a thought in someone’s mind? The way you think will be the blueprint of your ideal life. Remember, there are no limits! Anything is possible! You are the only one who sets these imaginary limits. We live in a beautiful world full of unlimited possibilities. Start thinking that way! Your thoughts should only be consumed with visualizing what you love, and what you want. Every single day, write down your dreams and ideas, no matter how big . This process may seem “weird,” but you have to “pretend” and feel as if you are living your dream life to prepare your mind to believe it’s possible.3. ACT.
    Your dream life is not going to happen by you sitting on the couch! Get up and move towards the direction of your dream life, direct all your physical energy toward anything that gets you closer! You know your ultimate goal. Don’t worry about how it will happen – simply break down your ultimate goal into small goals that can be completed in one day. These goals cannot be delayed, you have to do them NOW. You’ll never get this time back, so any delay in completing them will delay your enjoyment of the physical form of your dream life. You will get “rejected” and at times you will think you made a wrong turn, but there are no mistakes. When you are rejected or you feel you made a mistake:
  • Ignore all self-doubt and fear. Remind yourself that you are NOT A VICTIM.
  • Forgive yourself
  • Move forward quickly and keep moving!

At the end of each day, reflect and ensure you did something that day to create your ideal life.

So something “weird” starts happening… without you noticing, things slowly start to change. All the pure love you are radiating, your thoughts, and actions start manifesting themselves physically! Once you start seeing your thoughts manifesting themselves and you have a strong balanced foundation, share your knowledge and help anyone who is open-minded. Before you know it, the things in your life are exactly what you envisioned and you are living your absolutely utterly amazing dream life. It can honestly only be…

We are here on earth for three reasons: (1) to love, (2) to co-create in partnership with the Universe, and (3) live an extraordinary, happy life. There’s no point in spending time and energy overthinking how or why this works. Just try it, don’t settle, never give up, enjoy every moment of your amazing journey… and remember YOU are no different than Beyoncé!


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