The only thing keeping me alive is knowing that there’s still a chance for humanity in this world…

2 days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook account, and a video flashed in front of my eyes. I read the description and from what i understood out of it, it had something to do with Dogs and animals.

Since I’m a dog lover, I opened it, and i watched it.

Guys, I can’t describe my feelings towards the video, it was.. Beautiful.

I will post it down there, but let me reach my point.

You know, when you watch videos about people torturing animals, specially dogs and cats, you think like ” what is wrong with those people?!”

Believe me, i think the exact same thing. But, aside of that, there are people, whom I’d like to call ” Heroes ” trying soooo hard to rescue such animals, and knowing that.. Brings such joy and HOPE.

I’ve watched this video for a hundred times now, and each time i watch it , I find myself in tears.

I couldn’t upload the video here, but that’s the link of their page :


Check it out guys.


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