To Never Be Forgotten

Now, there’s a thing you might not know about me, and it’s that i’m a Sport-Freak, actually, a FOOTBALL freak. Yeah yeah, I’m not overrating this, but I’m a huge fan.

Today, i heard the most heartbreaking news EVER! But, before i share it  with you guys, let me make you guess which football team i support.

Hints :

  • German football team
  • Won the bundesliga this year
  • Has the world’s best Goalkeeper.

Yes, Indeed. It’s FC Bayern Munchen .

I’ve been supporting this club since i was 9 or something like that. Well yeah at first i didn’t exactly know what was going on, but my brother was/is a big fan of Germany, so as his little sis, i got to know this team because of him.

( Okay now I know some of you don’t really like Germany or Bayern, but keep reading :p )

So, as i was telling you.. I’ve heard Rumors about Bastian Schweinsteiger, Fc Bayerrn’s Midfielder, transferring to Manchester United, which he did. Officially. Today.

Now,  it’s not because i support Bayern or something I’m posting this. Actually, because it’s sad. Sad to see one of Bayern’s LEGENDS leaving. After 17 LONG YEARS, He’s gone.

It’s sad to see someone who gave this Club a lot, go. Basti will always be remembered by his fans, more specifically his Family, as an amazing player, fighter and most truly, as A BAVARIAN.

Allianz Arena will always be your home, You’re truly welcomed back whenever you feel like you want to return.


Danke Basti ❤ !


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