I See Humans

People keep saying things will get better, what “better” ? I don’t see it.

I still see depression and crying and hurting. i still see war, and blood. what kind of better are they talking about ? The kind where there are still people dying each and every day because they have nothing to eat? where people have no roof above their heads? Nothing  is getting better.

We see murder and rape, ” murdering ”  someone has become as easy as breathing, well if i don’t like a person or a person has done me wrong, i get my gun or knife and i kill him. Easy, right ?.. When i wanna please myself i go ahead and rape kids, just like animal instincts. Why? Can’t we control ourselves now ??

Do you see anything getting better ? Let me answer this one for you. NO! you see hunger and dying and thirst. You just pass beside some man or woman laying on the ground, begging you for food or money, and you just ignore them. don’t you have a HEART !? and no i’m saying that each and every time you see a pauper you should park your car and give them your money,but at least when you run  into a  poor man, just give them a dollar, a part of your sandwich. Is that hard ??84af0f94af5b559d3fb5e313e8b4e1a7

You’re a  part of this world, like it or not. Now imagine yourself waking up in the morning owning nothing, absolutely nothing. No home, no food, no money. what would you feel ?? what if you had a kid and you can’t pay for his education?

Speaking of kids and teens, what happened to ” satisfaction ” ? All I see is kids wanting more :

” My friend has one, why can’t i have one too ?? ”

” I wanna change my phone, the new Iphone is released. My Iphone 5 isn’t good enough for me now. ”


Some kids have NOTHING. You have a bed to sleep on each and every night, you’re surrounded by a FAMILY. You don’t go around searching for something to eat !

Isn’t that good enough for you ???

Take a look around you, and tell me if things are getting better. Nothing got better, and nobody is doing a thing about it.

But, we can make a change, We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves. We can draw a smile on a kid’s face, we can give hope to a man in need, we can do something . So why not ?


I see humans… BUT no humanity.

Just, WAKE UP.



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