Just get through it

I realized that I’ve been through a lot of changes this year and a half, some weren’t even decided by myself, it just happens you know..

Well let me put it this way, you know when you wake up and you realize that you have a hundred and five problems to deal with and you don’t know how, and you just lose people you thought you’ll never EVER lose, and the closest people to your heart hurt you and betray you, and you’re just like : what the hell ?!

Let me tell you why. It may seem weird and it may not make sens, but sometimes, the person you trust the most, will end up hurting you the most and they’ll be the reason why you’re falling down instead of flying up high. Yes, believe me. They would do anything to see you fall.. ANYTHING. They’d look you in the eye, let you cry on their shoulder, and seem that they’re as sad as you are, but on the inside, they’d be happy as hell.

You just gotta carry yourself, by yourself. Expect everything from everyone. One minute they’re your friend and they promise to always be, and the other minute they leave your side. As easy as that.

When this happens, you would just sit in the corner of your room, cry your eyes out, wonder if it’s something you did or said, but NO. you’re not the cause of their terrible actions, you didn’t push them away. You did nothing but be there for them, support them, help them, care for them, and they did anything but the exact OPPOSITE thing. Why ? because they’re selfish people who only care about themselves.

They’ll start talking about you, hurt you in every way possible, BUT, instead of just watching them do that, and cry and hate yourself for trusting them, Darling, just think of it as an opportunity to show them who you really are and how strong you are without them. Laugh it out, it would kill them.

You’re strong, You don’t need people surrounding you with negative vibes. Don’t go after them, Know your worth. Value yourself, and work twice as hard to shine on your own.

And that’s when you’ll be able to carry yourself on your own. Just get through it… the right way!

We’ve all been there, and it’s not going to be the end of the world, you’re meant to lose some, gain some, fall before you fly. That’s Life. And as I read :

Life isn’t a wish granting factory !


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