Workout + Motivation = Happiness

So i’ve started working out *a lot* to get that summer body, since summer is just around the corner, but it’s not just about an amazing summer body, it’s about health and fitness. Most people know that it’s better for them to be healthy and fit. Some people want to start working out, but they end up by giving up before even trying. With these few tips, You can be more motivated to exercise and rock your bikini like you want to.

✿Reward yourself:

Whenever you finish a hard workout or get done with an intense fitness class you can reward yourself by relaxing, enjoying a movie you like, drinking a smoothie ( a healthy one of course). It’s important that you treat yourself right.

✿Have Fun !!:

Exercising should be fun! try working out with your friends, or put some music on while working out, you’ll be surrounded with positive vibes 😉

✿Imagine the ” future you”:

Always put that good, fit, slim, picture of you in your mind while exercising. Imagine a FITTER you, and how much your self esteem level will be.

✿Get motivated from others.

A great way to be motivated is to have someone you look up to. As for myself, i love to have a slim, fit body like Irina Shayk. So everytime i see a picture of her, i end up by exercising more, so i can be like her. but of course, never forget that you can’t have a body 100% like another.

✿Working out is a stress reliever !!

Exercise is a great way to unwind and relax. You pretty much burn off stress, so you’ll feel good, and have good energy !

✿Motivational quotes

i like to out motivational quotes on my computer and desktop, and everyday i read a couple quotes.

But the main point, is never giving up. it may take weeks, but be sure that you’ll achieve something. You’ll end up healthier, better and stronger. you’ll appreciate yourself more, and have high self esteem.

Remember ; NEVER GIVE UP.

Stay tuned for more, and stay fit 😉


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