Tips ” how to get tan “

Everybody loves a smoking hot tan, but not everybody knows how to get tan .


Spending too much time in the sun without using protection will only get you burned. Sunscreen doesn’t stop you from tanning, it stops you from burning ! so always wear sunblock 🙂

II. Time

Start with only 15-20 minutes in the sun on your first session. In your following tanning sessions increase your time by 5-10 minute increments

II. Moisturize

Not only is it essential to keep your skin moisturized after tanning, but during tanning as well. Moisturize inside out : Drink plenty of  water, and use high  moisturizing product on your skin.

But, you won’t get tanned on your first visit to the beach. be patient 😀

Hope it helped ❤ Have a nice Week !


2 thoughts on “Tips ” how to get tan “

  1. These are good tips! I never have even thought about tanning because I either wear 50+ SPF or I have nothing on (and I get burned). What SPF do you start with at the beginning of the spring/summer? 🙂


    1. the higher the spf doesn’t mean that it will stop you getting a tan. it just means it protects your skin better. but if you want you could wear lotion around 30 or 40. i usually wear 45 cause im white so i get burned easily :p And i’m glad that these tips helped you ❤ stay tuned for more !! 😀


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