How To Prepare For Summer

Summer is around the corner.. how to welcome it properly ??

I. Shopping

Buy your type of style clothes and accessories that are in season so you will look stylish during summer.

summer outfit

II. Simple Makeup

You will feel lazy during summer, so don’t wear a lot of makeup, but still, take care of yourself, wear some waterproof mascara, full coverage foundation (if needed), add a small amount of blush to give you a shimmering glow, and don’t forget lipgloss !!

III. Pictures and albums

It’s good to make a photo album so you can refresh your memory with the greatest moments spent with your  friends, family..

VI. Classes

get into craft classes, swimming classes, dance classes or any hobby you would like to develop. Don’t waste your  summer just doing nothing, explore the  world inside out !

V. Eating Healthy

Start working out on your body so when it’s summer you feel your best in a bikini. Don’t eat too much junk and fast food  because  this will only kill your summer body.

VI. Plans.

Invite friends over, get a week to go on vacation in another country, make plans with significant other.. Enjoy summer with all your heart.

Hope it helped !



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