My Kind Of Vacation

Well we all know that vacations are mostly about traveling and enjoying time in a spa or something like that. My kind of “Vacation” was different.

I packed my bags and went to Dora in Lebanon to spend some time at my cousin’s house. -Till now it may not seem as a vacation- BUT. Here’s how it all went.

The first day was AWESOME. First, we went to ABC Ashrafye, the clothes there were beautiful, Go check them out !! Then, She took me to see the great Rawsheh in Lebanon. it was amazing, unbelievable ! 20150409_173004 20150409_173039 We spent most of our time enjoying the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, and the sun was shining even though  there was a glance of wind; but it was FUN !!! 20150409_181653 At night, we went to Gemayze and Mar Mkhayel, PARTAAAAYYYYYY !! :p what an amazing night, Music on, free your soul and enjoy Beirout nights! we were cracking jokes all night long, we went there with her husband and your fav blogger Chanty #Leblogdechanty


But the main reason we enjoyed it that much, is because we “WALKED” it. all the way from Gemayze to Mar Mkhayel -Not that far though- When we arrived home, we watched a movie, #NeedForSpeedMovie . So literally my night was awesome. The next day, we ate breakfast in Grid, Beirout souks IMG-20150410-WA0023 1428658347301

After that, we took a walk in Beirout Souks ..


What A Vacation !! 😀 😀 So, if you don’t have the ability to travel, EASY! Go and discover the amazing country sights  accompanied by your favorite people, like i Did :D! Adios !!


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