Study Plan

What’s a study plan ?

A study plan is a plan (obviously), made so the student can organize his time based on the subjects he has to study.

How to set a study plan?

As for myself, i made a study plan recently. Easter vacation  knocked doors, and here i am, enjoying it -while STUDYING-.

It may not seem fun enough, or not fun at all, but as a 9th grade student, i  have to do that, as a lot of students. The big question is ” how do i do it?”

well, i found out the answer on my own. A study plan makes my vacation easier, i know when to study, and when to turn  the party mode on ;)!

First, i start  by counting my vacation days, for example 13.

Then, i count the subjects i have to study,  or i want to revise and  divide them on the number of days i have.

It’s easy as it sounds. BUT be careful; you don’t want to put a lot into your day, then it will seem difficult to do and you would leave it and give  up.

I mostly put into my  plan a subject to  memorize by heart, and a scientific subject (math, science, physiques..) and a language subject (French,Arabic,English).

Of course, i don’t do them all in once, that means, i divide them. One hour for the first, One for the second and one for the third ( or as much as the subject needs ). that way i can have my fun during the vacation, and study and accomplish the work i have to do 🙂 !!

P.S: make sure you  add some “Free days ” to take a rest and enjoy your time 😀

Here’s an example of my study plan :


Hope it helps !!


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