Self Confidence

For the first time, i actually felt like i’ve learnt something that is worth learning at school . ( Sorry School ) yesterday, our English teacher gave us a homework to prepare, which was : “ choose something that you feel it’s special to you, and talk about it”.  It was more like a speech to say in front of the class. Anyhow, a million things crashed into my mind, but, one thing, and only one is THE MOST PRECIOUS. Of course, My Books. the next day i brought my Divergent Book. one of many amazing books.

I Got scared at first, like seriously ??? i’m going to talk about Books ?? in front of a whole audience !? like what was i thinking, then, When i walked pass the students to talk about my book and recite the speech i’ve prepared, i just lost it guys. i forgot the whole thing. words just got hard to say. I talked about my book the way a lover talks about the person he/she loves.

And, when i got back from school, i started thinking, like what made me so emotional that i lost my mind there and talked about my book that way? i got to one reason. PASSION. yes. i may seem stupid or so , but i’m passionate about reading. i can’t go on a day without reading, it’ll be like spending a month without eating (Don’t get me started, i love food ) So  basically, i want to tell you guys, don’t be shy about the thing you love the most, don’t hide it. Show yourself to the world, even if you seem weird or unwanted, that’s what YOU love. and if you’re okay with it, you shouldn;t care if others are okay with it too. Good night peeps. #ReadingAddict


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