So Random

I always seem to add too much at the beginning of the year.
School, blogging, sports, friends, etc… The list never seem to end. Why do I do this to myself?
I feel the need to do everything and then I start to lose energy.
The reason I wanted to blog today was to write about letting things go.I always think of the frozen song “Let It Go” for some reason.(Sorry if that song is now stuck in your head.)
For myself, I sometimes think that I let things go but my mind constantly goes back to it.
I become frustrated with it swirling around in my head. I guess I still continually have this idealistic view of my life instead of letting it go and understanding that I can’t control what happens, the only thing I can control are my actions towards it.
I still get frustrated that I will mess up and make mistakes.
But I have to make mistakes! I am human. I am an imperfect human. That statement gives me relief because I know that if I am an imperfect human then I will make mistakes and its still okay.
Who doesn’t make mistakes after all ? People get the statement wrong. They think that they have to be Perfect. like seriously, who is perfect ? I need to control my feelings and my actions . i guess most of you have this problem too (Right?)
I concluded  by the end of my thinking, that i have to learn to be capable of handling all the angles in my life, from now,so i can reach a certain point in life where i know exactly what i want and what i need, -and that there’s a huge difference between Wanting and Needing– But by then, i’ll start making logical mistakes ( if there are mistakes called like that 😛 )
This was my blog for today, Adios Mates ^^


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