Don’t You Get It ??

Eyy Mates ! 

Today, i want to share with you some important points with respect to Fasting

As we all know , this Is the second week of Fasting for Maronites ( and the first for Orthodox people)

Well, we all make lists, including stuff we won’t be eating the whole Fasting period.

For example :

  • I Won’t be eating sweets or chocolate
  • I will fast for six weeks
  • I won’t smoke during Lent Ect…..

Those are all Great decisions we take during Lent. But, seriously guys .. Is Lent all about food ?! Why don’t we include God in our list ? Isn’t He the main reason we are fasting for ??

This whole thing is all about getting closer  to God. we should NEVER get into Lent and get out of it the same way we were before . Live Lent correctly, cause it’s not about the food, it’s about what’s in your heart and soul; it’s about helping others like Jesus did.

Remember, God deserves those 6 weeks, we spend a whole year busy and we don’t give him much attention.

So let’s do this thing Right



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