There’s A New Blogger In Town

How It All Started: 

I used to read about blogs, and check other people’s blogs. i always thought how it would feel to be one. Lucky me, my cousin is a Blogger .

So, i decided to ask her about it. She simply said :

It’s a Passion

i asked her how can a person become a Blogger. she told me all about it. From A to Z . how to choose a creative name, a logo, a theme ext..

i got pretty excited. so i took the greatest decision of my life. I decided to become a blogger. well, at first i got really scared, and confused. i kept thinking : what if people don’t accept me ,  or what if they don’t like my blogs.. ??

But, my cousin encouraged me . and, well.. Here i am ! 😀

Let me tell you about myself ;

I’m a 15 year old girl. I read A  LOT, i dance, i do gymnastics, and I’m passionate about Photography. I’m into Music, Art and Books (obviously). i love Nature, and i surely love great authors and writers.

I’ll be writing about stuff i’m passionate about, life experiences ( which i had lots and lots of ’em , even though i’m only 15.)

i Hope Y’all Enjoy My Blogs !! ^^


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